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Why Martial Arts?

At any age, enjoy the numerous benefits of martial arts!

Martial arts are more than just an afterschool activity or a means for self-defense in a bad situation. The practice of martial arts is a holistic approach that engages the body and the mind within a community setting. In a world full of distraction, martial arts create space for focus and internal peace. In a world full of struggle, martial arts build character and confidence at all ages.


For Kids

Kids’ worlds are full of social interactions and distractions in the form of television, phones, and video games. Every day, they are engaging in relational challenges and academic challenges, all while their bodies are growing and changing. We know that children need a physical outlet to keep their bodies healthy, but often a recharge for their mind is just as important.

Martial arts give kids the outlet they need to soak up a balanced host of physical and mental benefits alongside character development and relationship building.


Discipline & Work Ethic

Showing up each week to practice martial arts takes a lot of discipline and work ethic. Once in class, students are expected to listen, learn, and work. The challenges of martial arts practice instill dedication and patience and teach kids that hard work pays off and enables them to reach new levels.


Confidence AND Humility

Our goal at Park’s Martial Arts Academy is not just to build confidence in children, but to also build humility. These two traits are often wrongly treated as opposites, but we empower kids to gain confidence through their success while also maintaining humility. Kids who are confident and humble encourage their peers, stand up for what’s right, and become life-long learners.



Responsibility is key to success. In martial arts, kids must learn to take care of their uniforms, get ready for class on time, and remember what they learned and build on it in each class. They recognize that their growth and success is dependent on the level of responsibility they take, and likewise also see the consequences of not being responsible.


Perseverance & Patience

Martial arts do not give immediate gratification. Students will work for many months to master skills before they are ready to put them into practice or on display. Kids must work through challenges and put in the time and effort to see long-term growth.



In martial arts, children partner up for exercises and drills that enable them to build relationships and interact with peers. Within these interactions, students learn to control emotions and work together. As students practice together, they share in each other’s challenges and successes and learn to support one another.


Flexibility & Resiliency

As we teach martial arts to kids at Park’s Martial Arts, we are teaching them the skills to respond to different situations intuitively. Kids learn how to be resilient when faced with a challenge. This carries over into many scenarios in life when they are faced with a challenge and must decide how to respond with dignity.



Martial arts teach those who practice to respect others and use their skills responsibly. Children are constantly learning self-control, courtesy, and mental discipline. They interact with positive role models who teach self-respect, respect for peers, and respect for authority.


For Adults

The benefits of martial arts do not stop at childhood. Adults carry the pressures of society and the day-to-day demands of life. The amount of stress and responsibility that adults carry require an outlet for managing stress, growing in character, maintaining physical fitness, and finding likeminded individuals with whom to build community.


Self-Discipline & Work Ethic

At the end of a long day at work or home, it’s easy to feel unmotivated and exhausted. Adding martial arts practice to the week requires self-discipline and consistency to see results. Remaining dedicated to martial arts as an adult improves work ethic, and this carries over into all aspects of life.



Martial arts provide an opportunity for individuals to grow in character. Characteristics like patience, self-control, responsibility, and self-respect are necessary in a leader. Through hard work in martial arts, adults can build the leadership characteristics and skills needed for our communities, workplaces, and homes.



With constant stressors and busy schedules, there is little time to quiet the mind and find true peace. Practicing martial arts is an opportunity for mindfulness – refreshing the body, mind, and spirit. These ancient practices continue to provide an outlet for those living in modern society to find a sense of calm and purpose.



Maintaining coordination as we age is key. Martial arts connect the mind with the body, improving reflexes and coordination between upper and lower body.


Confidence AND Humility

At Park’s Martial Arts, we seek to build individuals who are confident while retaining humility. Humble individuals know that there is always more to learn, regardless of how many years they have practiced a martial art. Confident individuals have the grit and determination to continue that learning and improve with each practice.



Here at Park’s Martial Arts, we are more than just a gym to practice martial arts. We are a community of connected individuals who seek to lift one another up and challenge each other every time we hit the mats. We hope you will join us and find a sense of camaraderie with our wonderful community!


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