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JD May Judo Scholarship

JD was a beloved husband, father, adventurer, wanderer and long-time student of Grand Master Park at Park’s Martial Arts Academy in Billings, Montana. This scholarship is a celebration of JD’s spirit for adventure, his devotion to the martial arts and his generosity to others.


JD May

Nov 7 1972 -Dec 2 2022

Scholarship amount $1200

Amount will be paid to the student(s) AJF school of choice and can be used toward uniform and/or tuition at a participating AJF school.
Email or mail your completed application to

or to Park's Martial Arts 
1920 Central Ave Billings MT 59102

DEADLINE and AWARD date(s): Applications are accepted throughout the year and will be sent to our scholarship committee. Members of the committee are fellow students and friends of JD May. Student(s) may apply at any time. Timing and award amount will be selected based on merit, need and availability of funds at the time. 
Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

JD May at a martial arts championship
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