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JD May Judo Scholarship

JD was a beloved husband, father, adventurer, wanderer and long-time student of Grand Master Park at Park’s Martial Arts Academy in Billings, Montana. This scholarship is a celebration of JD’s spirit for adventure, his devotion to the martial arts and his generosity to others.


JD May

Nov 7 1972 -Dec 2 2022

Scholarship amount $1200

Amount will be paid to the student(s) AJF school of choice and can be used toward uniform and/or tuition at a participating AJF school.
Email or mail your completed application to

or to Park's Martial Arts 
1920 Central Ave Billings MT 59102

DEADLINE: Application must be postmarked 
on or b
efore August 15th, 2023
Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

AWARD DATE: Winner(s) will be selected
on or before  
September 1, 2023.

JD May at a martial arts championship
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